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Most Productive Mouse Behaviour
8 August 2008 @ 12:57 BST
by Paul

What mouse behaviour makes you most productive?

Ever since the original MacOS, which gave the world point and click, there have been some rules as to how you interact with the desktop. One of these is that you double-click an icon to launch an application or open a document.

Another rule is that, on the computer desktop, to make a window the one you wish to work on - to make a window 'in focus' - you need to click on it.

I often find this behaviour really annoying, though. It's especially annoying if you want to read something off a web page and type notes into another window, or if you want to type some notes while watching YouTube videos in a browser window.... and so on.

I prefer 'Focus Under Mouse'. That is the window 'in focus', or your working window, is the one directly under the mouse pointer. In KDE you can change this behaviour in the 'Control Center' and choosing Desktop > Window Behaviour.

Control Center

This can get annoying if your mouse pointer moves by itself and suddenly you find you're typing in some other window. This rarely happens on desktops, but on laptops with those nasty track-pads... but then I don't much like track-pads.

Tags: xwindows kde

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