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Linuxhater, failed astroturfer?
17 November 2008 @ 22:46 GMT
by Paul

So Linuxhater is gone. That shouldn't come as a surprise. Firstly, because most of his purported complaints were not true. And secondly, because he realised that he could only fail.

Linuxhater's run-of-the-mill complaints were wide of the mark because:

  • Linux isn't hard to install
  • Linux isn't hard to use
  • Linux users aren't all totally weird (not all, anyway)

However, I don't think whining about these non-issues were his real aim. I think his real aim was to prove that Linux is a ridiculous platform to develop for. That's the purpose of articles like this.

Who could benefit from such an attack? What is the one company whose entire business model depends on good relations with developers? Microsoft of course.

Microsoft depends on there being many thousands of applications for its operating system. It does so by making it easy for third parties to develop for Windows. Linux represents a threat to this business model.

Linux is the platform of choice for many developers. It is, after all, a platform originally developed by developers for developers. It has many development tools, libraries, toolkits and vibrant support communities.

By slamming Linux as a development platform, Linuxhater was benefiting Microsoft. He, therefore, seems like a pawn in an astroturfing attack.

Linuxhater is gone. Good riddance.

Tags: advocacy

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