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Linux Will Never Beat Apple!
26 November 2008 @ 11:02 GMT
by Paul

Microsoft may be the enemy, but Apple is the target. Apple's user interface is something to emulate and surpass according to many.

Mark Asay thinks that FOSS will never made the grade because there are fundamental flaws in the way that open source projects are developed. What? All open source projects have the same flaw?

What poppycock!

There are many open source projects, each has a different development team. Sure many projects have flaws, but the flaws are certainly not the same in every project.

The question really is, will any open source GUI project ever create something as simple and as beautiful as the Apple desktop?

Of course they will. It requires someone with drive and vision, but there are plenty of those sorts of people who develop open source projects.

It required drive and vision to create the GNU project. It required drive and vision to create the Linux kernel. In fact, the open source world is full of people with drive and vision. It only requires one such person to care enough to create something that surpasses the Applie GUI.

The person to do this already exists, I am sure. That person may be Mark Suttleworth. It may be someone else.

But there is one thing of which we can be sure. It will happen.

Have you seen KDE 4 lately? Honestly, I think it's starting to beat Apple, a company full of placebo effect.

Posted by Bruno Miguel on 2008-11-28 02:58:18.
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