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So, really, where is all the disk space going?
3 December 2008 @ 21:59 GMT
by Paul

What's eating up the disk space? My /usr partition is taking up 5.6G out of 5.8G. Yesterday, it was full. I found out that for some reason I had every locale going stored in /usr/share/locale. I scraped back 200M by using the 'localepurge' tool.

Everyone else manages to get by with smaller /usr paritions. Look for example at this thread where one user says:

I'd personally give /usr abt 2gigs that way I don't run out of space depending how much I intend to install.

Or this one where 1.5G is suggested as a good size for the usr partition.

But that doesn't explain where my disk space is going:

16      lost+found
28      X11R6
188     lib64
22148   games
30092   sbin
34564   include
61552   src
185516  local
330300  bin
1642968 lib
2901932 share

Here's a truncated version where it is being used in /usr/lib:

 21316   icedove
22328   gcj
36788   dri
48076   wine
49244   R
54292   python2.4
56208   perl5
57768   python2.5
82716   kde3
108620  ghc-6.6.1
244904  openoffice

And here's where it's going in /usr/share:

59184   foomatic
86508   fonts
97308   xemacs21
121992  emacs
124088  texmf-tetex
126168  apps
166136  icons
169948  gnome
181032  games
267192  texmf-texlive
661384  doc

And in /usr/share/doc:

15300   texlive-publishers
22912   texlive-latex-recommended
29624   texlive-pstricks
31248   libapache-mod-perl-doc
37452   texlive-latex-base
101756  texlive-latex-extra
105484  kde

There's nothing I really want to get rid of, even all that kde documentation is useful. I have a few development libraries hanging around, but if I delete them now, I'll only have to reinstall them in the near future.

I need to find more disk space. One solution is to move all of /usr to another disk another is to move part of it, such as /usr/lib or /usr/local.

What should I do?

That's why I love to use LVM-LVM2 (The Logical Volume Manager for Linux) ;)

The easy solution is probably to mount /usr on another disk.

Posted by Debianero on 2008-12-04 17:54:51.
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