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Best Linux Commands? WTF?
20 March 2009 @ 14:47 GMT
by Paul

I was doing some random browsing and came across this; an article called "A Collection of the Best Linux Commands". It lists a few command line commands, such as 'hostname'. I'm a little confused about this - I understand that the hostname command is useful, but is it one of the 'best'?

It also lists 'whoami' which, I often find useful as I am always forgetting who I am. Some others I use all the time include top, du and df as well as cat.

However, there is something really wrong with the list. Take for example these:

du / -bh | more
ps axu | more

I mean who, in this day and age, uses 'more'? Everyone knows that less is more so I really doubt the writer's l33t status.

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