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Another High-Profile Tech Guy gets It
22 June 2010 @ 22:02 BST
by Paul

So, at last, another high-profile tech writer gets it.

In an article for Salon magazine, Gillmor writes:

Apple is pushing computer users as fast as it can toward a centrally controlled computing ecosystem

Exactly, which is why here at we really don't like Apple. For example, we think that the iPod sucks buckets.

Gillmor looks at various options and comes to the one sensible choice:

That leaves, for practical purposes, Linux, which is freely available and not controlled by any one company. Volunteers around the world, who value freedom of choice and the ability to modify what they use, have created an ecosystem of their own -- software based on the concept that you, not Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer, should have control over what you own.

He gets it. A FOSS operating system is the only choice. Of course, we don't have to limit ourselves to Linux, one of the BSDs would do just as well.

However, the fact is that our computers, our work and our lives should only be controlled be ourselves and ourselves alone.

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