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Changing Mouse Sensitivity from the Command Line
23 September 2010 @ 14:05 BST
by Paul

If you want to change how fast the mouse goes with out using a Control Panel you can use the xset command:

xset m 2 10

The above command means the mouse will move twice as fast when it moves 10 or more pixels. From the xset man page:

The m option controls the mouse parameters; it may be abbreviated to 'm'. The parameters for the mouse are 'acceleration' and 'threshold'. The acceleration can be specified as an integer, or as a simple fraction. The mouse, or whatever pointer the machine is connected to, will go 'acceleration' times as fast when it travels more than 'threshold' pixels in a short time. This way, the mouse can be used for precise alignment when it is moved slowly, yet it can be set to travel across the screen in a flick of the wrist when desired. One or both parameters for the m option can be omitted, but if only one is given, it will be interpreted as the acceleration. If no parameters or the flag 'default' is used, the system defaults will be set.

To make the change permanent add the command to your .xsession file.

I enjoy reading your blog. Each topic reveals a new aspect of Linux that I need to study. (Studying Linux never ends, does it?)

Posted by Brother Mark on 2010-10-26 13:26:01.
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