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Opening X applications from console
23 April 2005 @ 16:46 BST
by Paul

Say you're working in console, but you have a document, say an excel spreadsheet turns up and you want to view it. If you simply type:

gnumeric file.xls

You'll get an error as gnumeric needs a graphical interface, an X server, to display itself.

However, if you know the name of the X server, normally ':0' on single user machines, then you can force gnumeric to display in that server. By typing:

gnumeric --display=:0 file.xls

Then, if you swtich from the text console to the X console, you'll see the spreadsheet displayed in all its glory.

This technique can be used for other applications, such as xpdf (xpdf -display :0 file.pdf) and

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